One rule proposal that will be looked at for next year will be a change to how redshirt years are handled.    Football players will be allowed their red shirt year in any year where they played in no more than 4 games.  It also allows those 4 games to take place at any time in the season.

Now let’s look at the implications.  3 years ago OSU was down to a Freshman QB they hoped to redshirt as their only option to not play a WR at QB for the last two games.  I’m pretty sure Baylor had a similar issue last year.  Both Rudolph and Stidham had to burn their Red Shirt years to play in those games.  After this rule both QB’s could have finished out the seasons for their teams, and still have 4 years of eligibility left.

It basically eliminates the medical waiver that currently allows a redshirt if a player has played in less than 30% of his teams snaps.  It would give teams the ability to let touted Freshmen get on the field in blow out ooc games, and get a taste of the action, and let Mom and Dad see them play a few downs without losing their Red Shirt.  It also would help out if you had a starter go down mid season, and you needed to use a Freshmen in the offensive line rotation for a  few downs for 3 or 4 games until the starter returns.

I like the change, and hope they make it.  In a rare instance the NCAA may actually have stumbled across a rule change that works for schools and players.  It will let players see the field even in a red shirt year, and give the team some flexibility to utilize their full depth without hurting anyone’s eligibility.  On the other hand it could be a cheap way to get a 5th year of eligibility, and result in freshmen getting injured before they’ve spent enough time in the weight room.  If adopted I guess we’ll see.