As we begin down the backstretch of the 2015 season we can start to see how the off season will play out for the Big 12 coaches.  Here is a list from most likely to unlikely to be back with their team in 2016.


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beaty2It is absolutely 100% assured that David Beaty will not get fired and 99.9999999999999% that no better offers will entice him to leave.  

0% chance of not returning in 2016



strongutAfter a very shaky start to Charlie Strong’s second season the ship seems to have been righted and there is a measured optimism in the Longhorn state for the first time in quite a while.  3 weeks ago Strong would have found himself lower on this list but there is now a 99% chance Strong won’t get fired and almost a 100% chance he won’t get a better offer, aka the NFL, because how many better offers could there be than UT?

0.01% chance of not returning in 2016




Gary PattersonPatterson has a 100% chance he won’t get fired. Although there is probably a good chance that he could get better offers if he wanted, he seems happy in Ft. Worth.

2% chance of not returning in 2016




art brilesSee TCU above, but the only difference I can see is Waco may not be big enough for Art Briles.  Still, if Austin wasn’t enticing enough last year, I think it is very remote that he leaves.

3% chance of not returning in 2016




gundyGundy seems totally safe from firing, but after this year I am sure the rumors of job offers will begin rolling in again.  I think he stays, but not quite as confident as the top 4.

10% chance of not returning in 2016