Now that 2-5 years have passed for each team involved after the last wave of college realignment, I decided to take a look at how the new schools are adjusting.  I wanted to come at this from a fan’s perspective and not just a business point of view.

So what is the early verdict on realignment?  First a couple things to note before we get started.

  1. This only pertains to the 12 teams that moved into a power five conference.  I think we call all safely say that if you are in the AAC, you lost big time.  I am not going to torment you any further.
  2. The point system is based on a scale of 1-100, with 50 being the break even point.  So anything under 50 means you lost, anything over 50 means you gained and an even 50 means that there was no change.
  3. I broke each school down into 6 categories: Rivalries, Football, Basketball, Financial, Culture and Geography.  I ranked each one based on if they were better off before or after they left from a fan’s enjoyment point of view. So, football for example, that means a school who was a 10 game winner in their previous conference and is now a 5 game winner will get around a 30 because they dropped, but a team that won 5 games in their previous conference and is still winning 5 games today, they will get a 50, which means no change. Likewise a team that was winning 1 game in their previous conference but is winning 5 in their new one will get a score of around 70.  So you can have three teams each with 5 wins over the last few years with their rankings ranging from 30-70.

So to be clear, this is not ranking how good your school is or how strong your team is compared to Rutgers, but it is measuring compared to how your team was in your previous conference to how it is now, by the 6 criteria I listed.  This entire exercise was to determine if the average fan would be happier turning on the game today than they were in their last conference.

Meet the transplanted candidates, in alphabetical order:

Without further delay, click on the mystery box below to see who is #12 (last place):