As the Dr Pepper Churns is fast becoming the biggest show out of Waco running past the home makeover show.  Today Baylor in defending itself from lawsuits by one of the fired football staffers may have let the bear out of the bag.

In defending it’s decision to fire Shillinglaw CBS Sports reports it has provide the court with documentation from the Pepper, Hamilton report that:

“Coach Briles, Shillinglaw, and certain of his assistants had enabled a culture within the program that treated football players differently by making sure they would not face the normal disciplinary processes and consequences that regular students would have faced.  The law firm found evidence that Briles relied on Shillinglaw to line up legal representation for players who had run-ins with the law.”

Well the NCAA stayed away from this because until now it was just about criminal activity.  Now we see that the school had info that the players involved had received benefits to assist them in getting away with the crimes.  So the organization that can throw the book at a school for a coach giving a kid a ride home for Christmas, should be able to penalize Baylor.

One of the most amazing things in all this is that somehow the leadership at BU would have put this into the public domain, and thought all it was going to do was help them win a lawsuit.  It shows how far away that leadership is from grasping what a problem they have.