Well I’m starting off on a new crusade.  I’m going to try to put out at least 12 short pieces each month.  Knowing that attention spans are sparse I’ll try to keep them to 2 or 3 short paragraphs, but make sure they have enough in them to spark some debate.

I’ll be looking at the Big XII mainly, but may stray to College or even pro sports IF it seems applicable, and likely to run up the fanatic’s bills with the excess traffic.

The Eye Test Needs to End

This year the college football playoff committee chose to ignore the results on the field, and trust their eye test.  They chose to put Ohio State in the playoffs although the Buckeyes failed to win their conference.  There is just something lacking in teams that fail to win their conferences that should disqualify them from consideration.  The debacle by Ohio State in the playoffs only reinforces that bad decision.  The B1G has essentially conceded that their conference schedule and CCG’s are meaningless because you don’t need to win them to make the playoffs.

All the conferences need to get together, and get rid of the vagueness that allowed the committee to make such a bad decision for college football.  All it will take is to simply state that the committee is to choose the top 4 conference champions for the playoffs.  Once upon a time the B1G was the champion of that policy, until they got a chance to get their beloved Buckeye’s in the playoff over their Champion.

This simple change hurts no one, and ends a huge set of what ifs.  It even makes the committee’s work simpler because rather than 8 weeks of guess work, they can show up on the final week of the season and debate which of two teams is in the playoff.  The best change is that it takes the decision out of the media, and puts it almost entirely on the field.  We could even eliminate the committee all together, and just have #4 and #5 play a game on the 2nd Saturday in December (probably worth $50M) for that last playoff slot.